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Our History:

In The Beginning...

The institution which is situated at the centre of Kisumu city, just next to Kisumu Bus Park, is said to have been established in the year 1900 during the building of Kenya – Uganda Railway. Initially it was an army barracks for the colonial government. It was where the officers in the barracks went for treatment whenever they felt sick. It served the whole Western Region. Despite our humble beginning one of our objective is to have an ultramodern health facility.

It was so for quite a long time until it was turned into a native hospital where they trained Health Workers more specifically on dressing wounds. It  served as a regional hospital, by then known as Old Nyanza Provincial General Hospital until the year 1969 when the New Nyanza Provincial General Hospital (Russia) was built through the help of the Russian government.

The establishment of the New Nyanza Provincial General Hospital did not render the former functionless, instead the two institutions worked in collaboration for quite a long time in that some medical wards were transferred to the New Nyanza Provincial General Hospital while some remained at the institution. Up to now the institution still hosts the Provincial psychiatric ward, which serves the whole Nyanza region.

The two hospitals worked in collaboration until 1991-1992 when the agency was made a referral district hospital for the then greater Kisumu district being separated from the New Nyanza Provincial General Hospital.

The Management:

The hospital is headed by the Medical Superintendent, who is in charge of co-ordination and implementation of services to the clients/patients.


We partner with other organizations to meet our objective of delivering quality health care.
For this very reason we have Memorandum of Understanding with (Maseno University, Great Lakes University, Baraton University, Aga Khan University, Catholic University, Egerton University, Moi University)

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